Life advice

Be (like) a shark

  • bbash 

Recently I have been chatting with some clients and discussed with them how they should be like a shark. By that, I mean, they should just keep moving; even if it is slowly. You see that if most species of sharks stop moving, the drown.… Read More »Be (like) a shark

You are not your diagnosis…

  • bbash 

Often I see people who start with, “I am…(insert diagnosis here)”. I then speak with them and ask them to rephrase what they said to, “I have been diagnosed with…(insert diagnosis here)”. The change is subtle but very very important. No-one says, “I am the… Read More »You are not your diagnosis…

Regional Psychiatrists

  • bbash 

I found the article in the main image in The Australian newspaper today (15Feb2021). I am not sure about ‘conscripting’ people to come to regional areas, but something needs to be done. The number of clients I see who have to wait months to see… Read More »Regional Psychiatrists