You are not your diagnosis…

  • bbash 

Often I see people who start with, “I am…(insert diagnosis here)”. I then speak with them and ask them to rephrase what they said to, “I have been diagnosed with…(insert diagnosis here)”.

The change is subtle but very very important.

No-one says, “I am the flu”, but people will say “I am a diabetic”, or “I am a ….”.

Richard Bach

By saying I am… you are using this to define who you are. And by defining who you are by your diagnosis, you are allowing it to limit what you may/can do. However, by saying “I have been diagnosed with…(insert diagnosis here)” or “I have (insert diagnosis here)”, you are now saying that the diagnosis is part of what is happening to you, but is not who you are.

But incorporating your diagnosis into your personality, and then acting as it is part of you, you are allowing it to limit you; and you are being untrue to your full potential. The first step to change this is to reframe who you are, then recognise that you are not your diagnosis, you are so much more.

If you need help, reach out and I can help you.

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