Anti-depressants: more harm than good?

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I will state from the outset that I am not anti-medication. After all, I take medication. But, I am concerned with how quickly clients are handed prescriptions for anti-depressants when visiting a GP. I plan to write further about the efficacy of these medications, but thought this article in today’s Herald-Sun is a great wake-up call.

You see children should not be prescribed anti-depressants. As the article points out, they are not approved for children under 18. The reasons for this are many, but, based on my research, it has more to do with the chemical structure of the growing child/adolescent brain, and that one of the side effects is suicidal ideation (thoughts). So, we have a child who is feeling down, and we give them a drug that may create or increase their suicidal thoughts.

Nearly every client I have spoken to has no idea what they are taking, that is whether their prescribed drug (yes drug) is an SSRI or SNRI; and why they have been prescribed it. Quite often they have been using the drug for some time and have not felt better, or felt better for a short time, but then started getting depressed/anxious again.

This is because the cause of their depression/anxiety may not just be chemically based.

When you come to me, I ask a lot of questions to seek out answers in the biological, psychological, or sociological domain. In other words, I help you find the cause of your distress and seek to address this, rather than mask the problems with drugs (medications).

So, if you feel that you want an allied health approach to getting better, give me a ring on 0437 327 150, and set an appointment time.

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