Existential Frustration

  • bbash 
person holding compass

Sometimes I wonder

Where I’ve been

Who I am, do I fit in?

Make-believing is hard alone

Out here, on my own

Have you ever wonder, why I am here? Is this all life has to offer me? Yes, then you are not on your own.

What you are feeling is what I call an existential frustration. This phrase comes from Viktor Frankl who wrote in his fantastic book, Man’s Search for Meaning, about an existential vacuum:

Today, man’s will to meaning is frustrated on a worldwide scale. Ever more people are haunted by a feeling of meaninglessness which is often accompanied by a feeling of emptiness—or, as I am used to calling it, an “existential vacuum” (Frankl, 1955).

Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning.

(Frankl, a psychiatrist, wrote his book after being prisoner in various Nazi death camps. He went on to create the 3rd Viennese school of pyschotherapy, Logotherapy.)

In discussions with clients, I often see that they are lost, existentially. That is lost in life. This is not a dramatic concern as this frustration has existed in every generation. People in each generation look around and see the life they are living and get frustrated that they want more, but don’t know what it is; let alone how to attain it.

That’s where I come in.

I have been able to help people identify what it is that is causing their frustration, and develop effective plans on how to improve their life and life direction.

So, if you are feeling frustrated, give me a ring on 0437 327 150.