Chemicals and your Brain

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Did you know that long-term exposure to chemicals, such as those used in farming, industry, etc can changed the structure of your brain. Changes can be measured through a SPECT scan (SPECT looks at blood flow). The scan image below demonstrates Scalloping / Overall Decreased… Read More »Chemicals and your Brain

Brain Injury Month…

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This month, March, in the USA is Brain Injury Awareness month, which includes Brain Injury Awareness Week in Australia (March 15 @ 8:00 am – March 21 @ 5:00 pm). Often, we think that brain injuries come from trauma, but they can also come from… Read More »Brain Injury Month…

You are not your diagnosis…

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Often I see people who start with, “I am…(insert diagnosis here)”. I then speak with them and ask them to rephrase what they said to, “I have been diagnosed with…(insert diagnosis here)”. The change is subtle but very very important. No-one says, “I am the… Read More »You are not your diagnosis…

Regional Psychiatrists

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I found the article in the main image in The Australian newspaper today (15Feb2021). I am not sure about ‘conscripting’ people to come to regional areas, but something needs to be done. The number of clients I see who have to wait months to see… Read More »Regional Psychiatrists

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Relationships: Return on Investment

The term, return on investment, is often used in relation to financial decisions. However, a number of times this week I have raised the issue of return on investment in relationships when it comes to the amount of energy people are putting in comparison to what they perceive they are getting back.

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Relationship Advice

I have seen several people over the past 12 months who have been in toxic relationships. Often it is hard to see it from inside of the relationship.

Happy New Year

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Hi folks, Welcome to 2021 and the first video of the year. I have included information about my program of free public lectures and mention a great book for reviewing your relationship.